To Lameface, a Mibba layout and resource site run by Amy. Feel free to use any of the content on the site, but please remember to comment and leave on the credit. Thank you for visiting c:

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Header design and coding
by Amy at Lameface
Version 8 - 'Firework'
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Mibba CSS/ HTML Layouts
These are Mibba profile layouts I've made, designs for Mibba only. All images were found on either Tumblr, Weheartit, Xanga, or Deviantart; if there isn't a link to credit then I means I don't know where it came from. Click on the image for the layout preview and codes. Please comment and leave the site and image credits I put in the code on, I worked hard on these. :)
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Rose tint Birdcage Sailboat I Dull
I feel like dying World Map I Shoreline All yellow
Goldren owl Fading Braid Stories
Disappear Winds World Map II Birds
Tattoo I Some girls Storybook Blue
Liar Full moon Branches Glasses
Shoes Lace White dove Lantern
Train Railing Beach Pyörä
Sidewalk Colorful I Kitten What I want
Colorful II Sailboat III Smile Paris
Stars Lights Waves Deathly Hallows
Sparkles Wheat fields Volcom Charcoal
Couple Tattoo II Chamber of Secrets Library


Katy Perry I Katy Perry II 30 Seconds to Mars Oli Sykes
My Chemical Romance Gerard Way Frank Iero I Frank Iero II
Mikey Way I Mikey Way II Taylor Swift I Taylor Swift II
Taylor Swift III Emma Watson Christopher Drew I Christopher Drew II
Zooey Deschanel Weasley Brothers Hogwarts I Hogwarts II
Adele Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love


Stay gold Boy Hands Wavy Hair
Owl Deer Birds Balloons

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Total layout count = 91